Sketchbook on-the-go

I’ve long wanted to be brave enough to sketch outside but often felt too shy. Well, finally this past July I took a leap of faith (and a deep breath) and just went for it. And after a couple times it felt less scary and more comfortable. Here are some of the sketches I’ve done.IMG_5315
More photos of my sketchbook on-the-go can be found it here.
Thanks for looking and happy sketching!

back to creativity ♥

hello again,

It’s been such an amazing and eventful, yet relaxing summer this year that I decided to soak up the fun and take a break from blogging a bit. Now that’s we’re half way through September it’s time to get back to playing with paper and glue work, schedules and this blog of mine. And I’ve got some exciting things to share with you, my friends. Here is a little peek at what’s to come 🙂

Any ideas of what those four entries will be about? Stay tuned 🙂