oh, July

Dear July, you were wonderful.
Thank you for beach days, AMAZING weather, new friends, old friends, sketches, seawall strolls, Shakespeare play, farmers market, date nights, morning walks, family visits, Etsy sales, bunny snuggles and TWO legendary concerts (RUSH and JT & Jay-Z). August might have a hard time topping you.


a year of sketching outside

Yesterday was a special day for me. It marked One Year anniversary since my very first sketch outside. I remember how scared and shy I was that day, and how much I wanted to be invisible to the people around me. Since then I’ve grown a little braver and have done 33 sketches, including yesterday’s sketch. I wanted to come back to the same spot (in Stanley Park, by the Totem Poles) and paint exact same view as I did a year ago.
I sat a little closer (right on the seawall) this time as my last year’s spot was taken, plus I wanted the city scape to be more detailed. Nearly 2 hours and a sunburn later, that’s what I came up with, my anniversary sketch of sketching outside 🙂