2014 was probably one of my favourite years yet, if not the most favourite. I’ve been incredibly blessed with amazing opportunities and it feels good to reflect on the year and give thanks.

This was the year that I
•completed a sketch-a-day challenge for entire month (that ended up lasting 5+ months)
•had another (my 5th) successful art show
•connected with some amazing individuals on social media, many of whom have become my dear friends.
•became a Canadian citizen
•got serious about my blog and maintained it better than 3 years before combined
•created free printables for the first time
•got on my first design team
•joined Get Messy art journaling community
•got on my second design team
•released my first Project Life kit collab
•reached over 5k on Instagram
•did my Project Life catch up challenge
•contributed to Big Picture Class
•started working on my app and contracted 5 talented ladies to be featured in it (more details soon, I promise!)
•got on my third design team
•moved to a new apartment with killer views
•sent a happy snailmail to my scrapbook idol
•established a new habit in 21 days as a challenge with Andrea
•did a few pet portraits for fun, which sparked a dozen commission requests
•received the most thoughtful letters and gifts from friends all over the world
•was featured on Amelia’s and Caylee’s blogs
•contributed my projects to me & my BIG ideas CHA booth for January 2015
•joined Laura in her “a Year of Kindness” project for 2015 and collaborated these beautiful free downloads with her.
•wrote my most viewed blog post about Project Life. This one with lessons from it is a close second.
•purged my supplied and sold/ gave away stuff in my shop & instasale account (I still have so much to get rid of!)
•created more
•worried less

I’m so soooo excited for the big adventures I have planned for next year! I’ll share more of what you can expect from Paint Paper Studio in 2015 tomorrow on the blog.
Happy New Year, friends! 🙂

2014 recap
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One thought on “2014 recap

  • January 2, 2015 at 1:09 am

    Yes, 2014 was a fantastic year. I’m so proud of you for getting the Canadian citizenship this year! Yes to making new friends! insert here the two girls dancing emoji (or whatever this is called)


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