art journaling 02

20140611-231920-83960794.jpgHello, lovely people
Today I’m sharing some pages from my old art journal, because, let’s be honest, I don’t have any new pages ready and lots of people on my Instagram asked to see specifically this old art journal of mine. So here goes šŸ™‚






20140611-235341-86021985.jpgThank you for checking out my pages!

5 thoughts on “art journaling 02

  1. I love how beautiful and thick that 2012 book is.My first one is getting there, I can’t wait until I have a stack of them.

    I really love what you did with the circles. And everything, really.

  2. This is an awesome thick artjournal. This is what I visualize with an artjournal, but actually mine looks very different. ha.

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