Get Messy || art journaling 02

20140611-231920-83960794.jpgHello, lovely people
Today I’m sharing some pages from my old art journal, because, let’s be honest, I don’t have any new pages ready and lots of people on my Instagram asked to see specifically this old art journal of mine. So here goes 🙂






20140611-235341-86021985.jpgGet Messy is an art journal challenge where a gang of crafty vixens are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. Go check out these amazing pages creating by some crazy talented ladies who all have a unique perspective and style. Lauren, Caylee, Sabine, Olya (you are here), Vanessa, Sophie and Andrea. We will be sharing our work around social media so check out the hashtag #getmessyartjournal and for even more inspiration follow our art journal Pinterest board. If you would like to participate please let us know and share your work with us! 20140611-232411-84251939.jpg

6 thoughts on “Get Messy || art journaling 02

  1. I love how beautiful and thick that 2012 book is.My first one is getting there, I can’t wait until I have a stack of them.

    I really love what you did with the circles. And everything, really.

  2. This is an awesome thick artjournal. This is what I visualize with an artjournal, but actually mine looks very different. ha.

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