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I am very excited and kind of nervous to announce a new year-long art project starting in 2016: the illustrated project.
Starting January 1st 2016 I will document my days through sketches and illustrations in my notebook, one page a day, for a year. I will also be sharing these illustrations daily on Instagram. (I made a separate account since I didn’t want to ‘spam’ my main account)
Through my travel sketchbooks this past year I’ve noticed that I really love combining daily notes with little sketches and illustrations. So I thought why not do something similar when I’m at home? And that’s how this idea grew into a project that I’m committing to for the next year.
I’ll be sure to share my illustrated project pages here on the blog too, hopefully on a monthly basis.
I hope you join me on this illustrated journey and pop in here or the instagram to check it out and say hi 🙂

17 thoughts on “illustrated project

  1. This sounds like it could be a lot of fun! I think I shall join in the fun and see how far I actually get with it! (In 2013, me and a dozen others participated in a doodle a day Facebook challenge. We made it through the end of March before everyone got too busy and stopped doodling.)

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