my travel sketchbook: Denver & Phoenix
A few days ago I came back from my trip to Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve kept a moleskine sketchbook with me throughout the trip and filled it with urban sketches, instax photos, doodles and notes about my adventures. I was able to work on my sketchbook almost each night back at the hotel, allowing me to complete 80% of it by the time I got home. Yesterday I added some stickers, washi tape and a few extra doodles and called it done.
Here are the pages from my trip:
I’m so glad I’ve kept up my daily notes and remembered to take the instant polaroid photos. Little (and even not so little) details disappear so quickly and I really wanted to remember this awesome trip as vividly as I can. I will also be documenting these adventures through a Project Life 6″x8″ album, for which I’ll print photos from my iPhone and add some memorabilia that I saved while traveling. So if you’re interested in seeing an even more detailed travel album of this Denver + Phoenix trip, stay tuned 😉

15 thoughts on “my travel sketchbook: Denver & Phoenix 

  1. Olya, Your travel notebook is awesome. Love the starry night sky the best! But it’s all wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful. I’m trying to get good enough to do some drawings around my town. May I ask what size moleskine did you use for this trip?, and is that the size you always use? Do you recommend the small or large landscape size? Thank you

    • hi hi,
      thank you for your sweet words 🙂
      this is a medium landscape watercolor moleskine (8.5″x5.5″ or something like that). It’s definitely my go-to sketchbook of all time as it holds the water and the paint nicely, as well as mixed media memorabilia that I throw in there while I travel. And it has a band that goes around it, which comes in handy when my sketchbook gets all nice and fat from the trip’s documentations 🙂

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  4. Do you have a post where you list out what art supplies you travel with? i’m going to Spain in October and wanted to do a travel book like you do, however i wasn’t sure what tools were the best for traveling.

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  6. I just ran into this post and I loved it so much! Truly inspiration for the soul, thank you so much for sharing this!
    I am from Santiago, Chile, and I am currently on Miami. I bought an instax to capture great moments, and your journal is making my brain running so fast to make my journal!

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