Summer Lovin’ kit

Happy Second Half of the year, my lovelies 🙂
Today I am very excited to share with you all what the super talented Charisse and I have been collaborating on. It’s a Summer Lovin’ card kit. Bright watercolours mixed with handwritten scripts and simple typography, perfect way to document your summer days!
20140630-223650-81410948.jpg20140630-223651-81411342.jpgExclusive Paint Paper Studio & Pixel Paper Hearts Collaboration.
You can buy the digital kit here, or physical one here. 20140630-223729-81449825.jpg20140630-223731-81451078.jpg
20140630-223732-81452499.jpgThank you so much for stopping by!

11 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ kit

  1. These are PERFECT! They completely express my summer vibes and love! Are the digital ones printable?? I need them in my hands NOW. Like right NOW.

  2. These. Are. GORGEOUS.

    I picked up some cheap-o watercolors yesterday in the hopes of one day learning to do great things with them. And by “great things” I mean “stuff like this”.

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