Seeing how many of my Instagram friends are jumping on board with the #100daysproject created by Elle Luna, I decided to join too (last minute, of course). Since I’m already doing my illustrated project sketches for me for the whole year, I wanted this project to be sort of a giveaway to others. So I decided to create and give something away for 100 days, either in form of printables (like the mousie illustration below) or an actual physical giveaway, most likely to be hosted on my Instagram.
So here is day 1 of my (hopefully) 100 days of giveaways for the #100daysproject. Just click on the photo to enlarge, then right click and save. Easy breezy! Feel free to colour in the little mouse dude or leave it as is. And don’t forget to tag me, I’d love to see my printables in your projects 🙂

Happy creating, friends!

100 days Project
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