Last week something wonderful happened in my neighbourhood.
The corner of Denman and Nelson streets got a new facelift. All around the blue fence for the construction-site-to-be big posters of hearts appeared. Those were blank hearts to be filled with answers to “Who’s in Your Heart?” and “Who Do You Love?” posters beside them. Markers were also provided with a cute message “Thank you for not stealing this pen : )“.
It was so delightful to see different people partake in this wonderful community project. Of course, my husbunny and I left our little mark too 🙂
Some of my favourites were “I love Taylor Swift and clapping“, “I love Davie, Denman, Robson (streets) and everything in between!“, and “ducks” with a cute illustration of a duckie. Someone else also drew a bear with a little bunny on his head. I thought it was cute since Karl and I are known to our friends and family as Bear and Bunny.
P.S. Karl looked very impressed as I was taking my time looking at all the messages, letting our groceries melt in the heat 🙂 hehee.

Hearts of the Community