I have a confession.
I ♥ pretty paper and all things stationery. When you add some washi tape, some new acrylic paints and a notebook to that, I’m sold. I cannot resist the urge to buy it all. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday.
It was a day dedicated to spending some time with my best friend Michelle. We adventured out to one of my favourite places in Vancouver- Granville island. The idea was to walk around, enjoy nature, take photos and shop for some groceries (that would turn into a delicious experimental meal.) For the most part of the trip we did just that 🙂
img_7195But I just had to go into a few of the shops there, that just happen to sell the most awesome stationery in town. *sigh* There goes my money.
img_7194And so there it is: my prized possession of Granville island adventures: washi tapes, inspiring new notebook, cute animal-themed labels, more washi tape (yes, really.), and two tubes of acrylic paints ♥
The uses of this loveliness are endless, and I get inspired to create every time.
What can I say? I buy stationery like some women buy shoes 🙂

how pretty stationery stole my ♥

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