olyaschmidt.com.JPGOnce upon a time there was girl named Olya who wasn’t behind on her Project Life album. That time was a long looong time ago.
When I first started Project Life in 2013, I made a system that every Saturday I would dedicate a chunk of time, sit down and document the week that passed. I did that perfectly for 8 weeks and on the 9th week I took that dedication and system for granted, feeling that I was doing the same thing over and over again (big BIG mistake) and let the weeks pile up undocumented. I fell behind 3 weeks and remained 3-4 weeks behind through the ENTIRE rest of the year. Actually November and December of 2013 still aren’t documented. Oh yes.
This year I started out good but later on some weeks piled up, and now I’m two months behind. Though I’m not as stressed about this predicament as I was last year, it still bugs me that A) I let this happen (fine, we’re human and that’s what happens when you actually spend the time living your life instead of scrapbooking it) but most importantly B) that I’m complaining  far more than actually doing something about it.
Caylee (bless her golden soul) wrote an amazing blog post about how she caught up on 16 weeks of Project Life in no time with what seems to be superhero speed. That was the very last straw of inspiration and kick I needed to break my camel’s back of inaction, saying enough is enough.
projectlifecatchup.olyaschmidt.com.JPG So.. I’ve created a 2 week challenge for me and anyone else who wants to join in, from August 11th to August 24th. The goal is to complete 20 weeks of missing project life in TWO weeks. That’s right, 20 weeks of life documentation in 14 days. And this is how I’m going to do it:projectlifecatchup.olyaschmidt.JPGI want to power through this, “suffer” once, work super hard and just be done with it. This assignment/challenge/goal requires 5 days per week commitment, 2 pages per day. (Doesn’t sound THAT intimidating but consistency and dedication is the key.)
I have to remember if this was an assignment for a Design Team position I would just get it done because I would want it badly enough. Well, I’m going to treat myself the same serious way. Commit, work hard, and get this done. No more talking, just actions. I’ll be posting my progress on Instagram, using #letscatchuponprojectlife hashtag. If you’re behind and would like to catch up, please join me. Let’s keep each other in check.

P.S. In times like these, my favourite quote comes to mind that “if it’s important to you, you’ll make time for it. If it’s not, you’ll make an excuse.”
No more excuses, let’s do this.

How to catch up on 20 weeks of Project Life in two weeks
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