letsdothis_OlyaSchmidt.comSeptember always gives me a renewed sense of adventures, opportunities and a brand new start if you will. As I reflect on the happy summer days we’ve just had I also think about what I would like the last four months of 2015 to bring, both personally and professionally. One of the things I would like to bring back is blogging on semi regular basis. Blogging about my Project Life pages, art journals, upcoming classes and life-changing books. Blogging about the people that inspire me on daily basis, the crafty Instagram community,  traveling I’ve done (& still about to do) this year and many other things. I’ve always struggled to keep my blog posts regular (and let’s be honest Instagram makes it too easy to just post a photo with a few sentences or even words and get that Insta-gratification of feedback), but I’m not giving up on this little blog. Not yet. I’m still here, 5 years later, trying to keep it going.

So, hello there, September. Let’s do this.



let’s do this
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