You know you enjoyed your August to the fullest when the last blog post was about July.
Oh, August.. I swear you fly by the quickest. ♥ IKEA trip ♥ fireworks ♥ beach days ♥ pool days ♥ wedding anniversary ♥ double dates ♥ restocking Daisy’s Etsy shopart competitions ♥ girls night out ♥ day trips to the Zoo, Capilano suspension bridge, Granville island, Golden Ears.. the list goes on and on. This August, and this summer in general, was probably the sunniest, happiest, fun-filled summer I’ve had, for which I am very very grateful.
Luckily, the first two days of September were sunny and warm, so I’m still enjoying the last blessing of this nice summer ♥

my August

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