Hey guys,
Thank you so much for your amazing enthusiasm and support in joining me for my Project Life catch up challenge.
Caylee suggested to me to make some Project Life freebies (yes, she’s amazing). I know that a little encouragement can go a long way when facing big daunting tasks, so I made these two FREE printables for you guys (thumbs up), just click on the image, right click and save. It’s formatted to 3″x4″ but feel free to adjust it to the size you want. All I ask is that you use it for personal use only, no selling it for your own profit please (that would be thumbs down).

Now that we’re encouraged, let’s get things done!
Oh, and don’t forget that Project Life catch up challenge starts tomorrow, August 11th. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts under #letscatchuponprojectlife hashtag on Instagram 😀

Project Life Encouragement printables
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