Ah, summer… you’re such a joyful and colourful season, fleeting by so fast and before I know it, you’re gone. This year I have been trying to enjoy all it has to offer. Such joys may include but not limited to reading outside, sun tanning on the beach, running along the seawall, painting outside, seeing movies, art journaling, indulging in desserts, cooling off my overheated bunbun, sharing laughs with friends, exploring this lovely city, taking lots of Instax photos, eating out more, celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary, enjoying family bbqs, listening to new tunes, getting my feet wet in the ocean, smiling more, watching annual fireworks, wearing flip flops, shorts & skirts, enjoying fresh berries, going on mini getaways and savouring juicy watermelons : )
Here’s what my summer looks like so far.
Tomorrow we have kayaking planned. It’s been two years since we’ve gone and this time I’m more prepared (gotta put those push-ups to good use ; ) Some more sunshine and a few more beach days would be nice, but that’s up to the Vancouver weather to bless us with : ) So for now all we can do is…

Summer so far
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